Bought Carol Burnett & Friends DVDs as advertised on DCMagicBox. Received 8 discs in 1 casing (unsealed) and titled Carol Burnett Show, Vol. 1 – the discs are titled The Carol Burnett show, but the discs are Carol Burnett & Friends from a 48-hour marathon ran on TV Land. nHad trouble with most of the discs skipping – some were ‘blurred’ or of poor quality. E-mailed DCMagic Box right away about receiving the wrong order, as advertised – I have kept all the 20 (so far) e-mails back and forth to a ‘Mike’, and right now am still waiting for ‘instructions’ on mailing them back, as on the DCMagic Box ‘Refund’ site, you can’t just mail them back without some ‘special’ instructions – haven’t heard back yet, but will see what happens – nA person I have been e-mailing back and forth with, kept telling me that I got what I ordered – I did NOT – finally, he said he would send out different discs to replace the poor ones – I said no, I was going to send them all back – there were only 91 episodes, not the 151 that was advertised and I was buying – I agree with that Joanna in Virginia, if I had know what I was getting, I could’ve recorded that 48-hour marathon on TV land myself – and saved myself $76 – they are falsely advertising and so far making me very annoyed in trying to get an answer to ‘how do I mail these back the proper way so they aren’t refused and mailed back to me’ – nThe DCMagic Box: Refund site says quote ‘ we must give you our return instructions, please do not just mail items back or they will be refused and mailed back to you’ unquote – I am still waiting for these instructions – nThis is ridiculous – I would never deal with these people again. I’m sorry I ever ordered from them. nJojonOakdale, MinnesotaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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