Complaint: They suck you in to their kiosk and make you think you are getting an excellent deal on their products, by showing you a discounted price from their website. they are extremely pushy , BUt beware of what they charge you. When the sales person handed me my charge receipt to sign, he covered it with the handheld calculator. I moved it because I was suspicious and he charged me $20 more then he said he would! The sales person was so pushy as I tried several times to walk away, but had my 15 year old with me, so I didn’t want to come off rude to him! I just agreed to buy so I could get away….what a mistake. The transaction is non-refundable and I feel ashamed that I did this! Please stay away from the kiosks at all cost!

Tags: Sales People

Address: Mall of georgia Buford, Georgia USA