Complaint: This co. is a joke and a ripoff. first they say that you can win name brand products for pennies..lets break it down..i will use $ .15 cents as a starting point…a bid pack of 220 cost 33.00 dollars…so every penny bid you make is actually .15 cents. so for every 100 bids the co. makes 15 dollars, 1000= 150.00.. i have witnessed a 500 dollar tablet on a free weekend sell for over 1000 dollars…. so for a 500 dollar product this co. is making 15,000 dollars…i do not call that a deal….they have ghost bidders whose main functune is to raise the bidding…and if you win a big bid pack say 2000 don’t expect to win anything…the ghost bidder will drain your bids til none are left…i have caught 3 cheaters personally….and never recovered stolen bids….stay away….by the time you buy bid packs over and over, most of the time you the customer could have purchased what you WHERE trying to win

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA