Before you spend your hard earned money, perhaps you should read this review. We lived at 10876 Riley Roberts Road, Dames Quarter, Md for a substantial amount of time. The website reads as a vacation home, but this bungalow is no vacation. Let me set the scene; abandon cars, broken windows, neglected houses and a neighborhood reminiscent of the ghetto. It was apparent that a pyromaniac lives on the road, as the Deal Island Fire department had put out no less than 20 man started fire this past year on Riley Roberts road ALONE!! The electricity shorted out on a consistent basis. The water was not intended for human consumption, as we had the well inspected by the Somerset County Health Department. We were delighted when we had the septic tank back up into the bathtub and sink with foaming sewer debris and used toilet paper. The water also filled the house with the wonderful aroma of sulfur, if you haven’t had the pleasure of bathing in well water, it smells like rotten eggs. The dwelling leaks every time it rains, along with the roof which dips in as though it could fall on our heads at any moment. The rain would fill the trenches because we lived below the water table, so we could not leave the property during inclement weather due to flooding. It was extremely cold, because there was no insulation (the feral cats pulled it out from underneath the house). The environment made a swamp look like Shangria-la. The mosquito population is in the hundreds of billions and are joined by huge horse flies and they hang around until November. At the end of our stay, the house across the street, about feet 30 feet away, was inhabited by squatters, and was the frequent stop for many, many visitors and beggars. Also, watch out for the poachers, who hunt yards away from the property all year long. All in all, our stay was uncomfortable, disappointing and the moral of this story is SAVE YOUR MONEY, and renter beware! nBrookenFruitland, MarylandU.S.A.

10876 Riley Roberts Road Dames Quarter, Maryland U.S.A.