I bought a bobcat skidsteer t-140 I seen on ebay. I contacted him and paid him direct and not through ebay. this machine was supposed to be in exelent condition. It is in junk condition and not even usable. I payed 18,290. for something i cant even use. I called him and he told me to use it because it is a used loader. he would not stand behind his sale. he then does not return my phone calls. I will tell you all that is wrong with this loader. both forward and reverse boots are shot. hydraulic resivore has a hole in it and looses hydraulic fluid. the coolant resivore tank has a dime size holein it. | the exaust manifold is leaking. the muffler and tail pipe are rusted through and is very noisey. they painted over everything like hydraulic atachment ends. painted over rust and is pealing. painted over grease. did a terable job of taping it off before painting. foot controls are loose and need need new bushings. | the shocks the hole the roll cage up dont work. both hydraulic cylinders for the boom need to be rebuilt. the cylinder that operates the bucket is so wore out it wont even hold new bushings so the whole cylinder has to be replaced. left hand track has splits in it on every tread. all bushings on the lift boom need to be replaced. | i can slide them back and forth there are so sloppy. the mounting bushings for the lower bucket are so bad i cant even put new bushings in. bucket is bnent down in the center.roll cage has been hit so hard it bent the rool cage and the grab handles sideways. the hours on the machine reads around 1900 hours. it has to have at least 6000 hard used hours on it. this machine is a total loss or would cost lots of money to get it back in usable condition. this is only part of what is wrong with it beacause im still looking it over. it makes me sick to loose this much money on something i can not use.


Name: Dealer Wholesale (Nick)

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Hollywood

Address: 2200 North 30th Road

Phone: 954-457-1000