I ordered a quad copter RF package from this seller. There were two identical packages, one being considerably cheaper than the other. I called the customer service number and asked what the difference in the two sets were. I was told that the only difference between the two was the factory at which they were made. Naturally I ordered the less expensive one. When it came, there was no transmitter included. I emailed the seller and was told that the set I ordered did not come with a transmitter, and that this was clearly stated in the item description. Well, it was not there when I ordered it. After my inquiry was received the copy changed to reflect the difference. So as to make my grandson happy (the set was a birthday gift) I quickly ordered the transmitter on May 26, 2015. As of July 1, 2015 I still have not received the item. Dealsmachine says that because I did not request a VERY EXPENSIVE shipping method, there is no tracking number and no way to find out what happened to my package. I will NEVER do business with this company again, and I advise that other buyers do the same!” .

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