Complaint: Both my 20 yr. old son and I have chronic pain of different origins. I am an open minded person and actually do believe in alternative health care and have had some success with such care. I do use western medicine (regular doctors) have paid out thousands of dollars in medical bills each year to top specialists for their care. I was up in the middle of the night and saw a show called the “UNEX”” Report. It is a show about “”Unexplained”” things

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Address: this one was about a man called “”Dean Kraft”” who is supposedly the worlds most documented “”energy”” healer who has supposedly taken his time to go to various medical institutions and have his capabilities “”documented”” (he can hold a test-tube”” and change the cells inside) the list is endless. There were people on the show who had fatal illness who testified he’d “”saved”” them. If you go onto his website he’s supposedly worked for years

Website: she states that she and Dean have lost “”two homes”” and he “”gave away”” his talents for years (quite possibly true.) However

Phone: saving many people