Your account toggle navigation your profileyour reportslogout yscam file a report …It’s free! company name or report # your new report #1437514 write your report title: working report title this is what your title looks like so far dean miller on 04/05/2018 an individual by the name of dean miller from somewhere in texas called my place of employment and proceeded to tell my captain on shift that he needed to speak with me regarding a very important matter and if i didn’t get hold of him that day that he would have to send this case to the da. Well my captain called me and relayed the information to me, giving me the guys name and number of 512-582-7544. When i called this dean miller back he introduced himself as a federal investigator and asked me if any of the information he had meant anything to me. He had the last 4 digits of my social security number, my birthdate, my old email address, my place of employment, and a few other personal information details. | He then proceeded to tell me that in 2011-2012 that i had taken a payday loan out from cashnet, cashnet express, or ezfinancial and which i responded i don’t remember taking that loan out but have used payday loans before but always paid them back. He then proceeded to tell me that i could be arrested on federal check frauding, could lose my job and be made to pay back the monies owed. If not, taken care of today by 9am It was already 3:55pm here) that he would have to turn it over to the attorney general. I responded by saying, well if i owed this shouldn’t i have received a letter or notice in the mail or in my email? And why hadn’t i been called directly from him on my cell phone instead of him calling my work? He said that this wasn’t a plausuble excuse for not paying. I said, okay. Well send me something on your letterhead stating i owe this and i’ll take care of it. He said, no i cannot do that. But that the company would take $755.46 for restitution. When questioned about certain things he got agitated and said well i have to inform your employer and osii Our investigations dept for the doc), and you can take it up with them. I said okay. But was upset about it. I try to make sure i pay what i owe and don’t remember not paying back a loan. | I called my attorney and she told me to call him back and give him her name and number and she’d handle it from here because in 2013 i had filed bankruptcy and it should’ve been included in that if it were true. She said it was a scam. So i received a call back from him stating that he has been going back and forth with the lawyer over it and that i could pay $275 to close the case. I’m like well ty but i need your badge or id number for my attorney and that she would like him to call her. He says we’ll i’m not a federal investigator, i am a paralegal for this frisch and associates. I’m like, well that’s not what you said when you first called me. He got agitated and said no i am done talking to you now. You can handle it through osii at your place of employment. Since you can afford an attorney you can afford to pay this and hung up on me. Im taking the offer of $275 off the table and hung up again.I called him back and he got agitated and said i’m trying to go home now. I said you’ve been trying to go home for two hours now. Aggravated, he says i am done talking to you about this. I said i just wanted you to take my attorneys name and number and he hung up on me again. | I continued to call back 5 more times really aggravating him. The last time he hung up on me and i called back i got him but he acted as if it were an answering machine stating you have reached dean miller. That was it. I didn’t pay anything and refused too. They threatened me with jail, loss of job/income, and reporting to my investigations dept texas this title is automatically generated based on report information and optimized to help other users to find your report. Click here to change the basic information. Brief description what did they do to you? They threatened me with jail, loss of job/income, and reporting to my investigations dept!


Name: Dean Miller

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas


Phone: 512-582-7544