Dean A Parker was nice enough to grace Myrtle Beach with himself and all his lying backstabbing friends! Blaine Liljenquist (owner of Plantation) apparently is fine hiring a thief who has been arrested for stealing from Westgate, Diamond and Summerbay resorts. Dean was super nice and cut pay of all the sales reps and gave all his friends the money- Blaine gave Dean a blank check! Dean has said on many occasions stated “fire all the reps I dont need them.”” Dean is known to drink and do drugs at Spensers during lunch and drive the company car- Dean then returns to the resort drunk and high and shows his true colors! Dean and Blaine are both racist who would like for only white to own there or tour. Dean and his crew tell all kinds of lies to owner from rental to never paying a maintenance fee. They pray on tables and when the tour gets up calls them all kinds of names- they allow the elderly to apply for credit cards not knowing they will have addt fees besides monthly and/or mf- (he fired a VLO for trying to stop contracts bc she said it was wrong). Dean has ripped off owners at Summerbay resorts in Vegas then blamed a lady name Lynda and when she confronted him he called her and left death threats on her phone! He is a nasty man who has no problem stealing from hard working ppl and he and his wife sleep well at night in their house in the Grand Dunnes while owners are told they can make $5-10k renting the ts out! please dont do business w Plantation resort unless you do tons of research

rental will not make you rich! Your MF will go up (and a lot with all the money he is spending)

you can NOT get into Myrtle Beach 4th of July with out hooking a yr out!! Listen to the racist and sexual chatter that comes from Blaine


managers and reps while taking your tour. No the rep wont call you back to help you! check out the class action lawsuit that is happening!! Buyer Beware!!”