Company information: Deauville Resort Miami Beach 6701 Collins Ave Phone: 3058658154 My first mistake was pulling into their driveway. I got out my car onto their slippery terrazzo stairs and was confronted with the hefty $20.00 a day Valet parking ticket.This was a mandated charge! Twenty dollars a day to have your car vandalized,and other random people riding in it as passengers!!! WOW!!! I have never seen such un-professionalism! The worst part is that the hotel takes absolutely NO RESPONCIBILITY whatsoever!!!I made a police report for damages. [Case # 2008-23289]. They don’t even wear a uniform so handing your car keys to them is unreal!!! I have not even made it up to my room as yet. At this point I just wanted to leave! nUpon checkout, after the bill was paid in full by my comapny as we were at a conference[receipts forwarded to hotel with no responce],and after I had physically left the building someone charged nearly $900.00 plus dollars to my discover card!!!I called discover and they told me to call the police. Officer Robinson (Miami Beach PD) said, not her problem…call a civil attorney.I have called the hotel several times trying to get this resolved and…nothing!!! nOther minor complaints: Marsite needed in pool down to raw cement. Electric outlets should really be in working condition. Rats and mice should either be charged full price or escorted from premises. A little warm okay HOT water would be nice in a shower I know it is a fairly new concept Terrazzo and wet floors is screaming LAWSUIT! Check out online and see that their photos of the hotel lie. There is a $10.00 a day charge for services whether you use any or not. nGetting technical: they did not wash out the conference glasses and they dipped the jugs into big, nasty buckets to refill them in between sessions and poured left over water from cups into that same bucket….GROSS!! Lipstick marks on the bathroom glass…double gross! Peel back the sheets and find old stains and debis (cannot mention)….tripple gross! nBasically, I want my money refunded in full and to let other travellers BEWARE that this hotel is not the place they should be staying!!! nAnitanPort Charlotte, FloridaU.S.A.

6701 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A.