Claimed to be from Denver Colorado. They where selling Shih Tzu puppies for $450.00. Website seemed to be real. Contacted them about the puppy I was interested in. Emailed back and forth with "Deb" and discussed questions I had about the puppy and questions they had about me. As well as terms of how to obtain the puppy and what the process is. Sent a payment through Zelle to "Debs" husband Kevin Jones email: [email protected] after payment was sent they contacted to let me know a company named Pets-Go Travex Delivery Agency, email address: [email protected] run by Mr. Leonel Spencer & Mrs. Carolina Hitchcock, would be contacting me for flight information for the puppy. The Pets-Go "company" asked for a "refundable" $762.00 for a special cage for the puppy to travel in. This made me wary so I googled scams and found the Pets-Go place is a fraud. Contacted "Deb" for my money back and she told that they had already spent it on getting the dog set up for travel. Called my bank to cancel the money, they can’t, so I am out $450. Called my local police, and they can’t really do anything. $450.00 is not enough money for them to investigate. Sent all communications to local police. Sent text messages and emails to "Deb" for my money back and no response.