Complaint: Horrible experience with this DDS. Dr. Deborah Ruprecht placed an implant directly into my sinus. I was NOT told she needed to go into my sinus and/or that she was going to perform a sinus lift on me. I only found out about the sinus lift when I got a bill at the end of my appointment. The worst part comes after the implant placement. I spent the next 72 hours in the worst pain of my life, had to go to the ER and finally had to have the implant removed. The Dr.’s response was that I did not take my meds properly. She’s referring to my pain meds. Morphine would not have cured the pain, it was placed wrong. At the end of this horrific experience, I asked for a refund as I now need to go elsewhere for an implant and start over, she refunded me $400 – what a joke when I was out about $4000. I call this an EXPENSIVE MISTAKE. I’m not writing this review in malice, I’m writing in hopes to save someone else from making the same mistake I did. I came to this doctor b/c she was referred to me by my general DDS – I should have pursued a 2nd opinion and searched more. Prior to this experience I NEVER had sinus issues. Since, I’ve had 3 sinus infections and multiple trips to my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. It’s truly been a nightmare and one of the worst decisions I have made with continued consequences. She is a sweet person with incredible bedside manner, but please…don’t let this fool you – keep searching! Update: I still get a minimun of 5-6 sinus sinus and ear infections requiring antibiotic treatement sinse her ‘sinus lift’. My life has never been the same. I wish I never stepped foot in her office. Please don’t reapeat my mistake, look elsewhere.

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