Where do I start? Even though this has been quite a few years, it still enrages me at times that this bitch still has not been found out by her hubby! Her daughters and her son were all aware of what was going on. So I am hoping to get my due revenge here! I have never hated someone as much as I hate this woman!My hubby and I were married 13 years at the time and this woman knew he was married…she was a also married and still is. She was a pilot escort for over-sized loads at the time and was escorting for the company my hubby worked for. At first I kinda felt sorry for her. She would call the house for advice from both me and my hubby about her hubby and family. She would tell us things like he locked her in her room to keep her from leaving and all types of stuff. She wanted my advice because at the time I was working at a police department. Well, as time went on, I started getting this feeling that something just wasn’t right. I had a friend run a background check on her and guess what…the woman is nutso!Well my gut feeling was right. One night my hubby called me to let me know that he was going to be working overnight delivering a load. I am not that stupid…hmmm. Well, don’t know what was going on in his mind, but he called me from a hotel room….hello….caller ID! I acted stupid after he’s telling me he was at the job site waiting…yeah right I tell myself, hang up and call the hotel back and guess who is registered there…you got it….the bitch! The person asked if I wanted to be connected to the room…oh hell yeah! She answered the phone and immediately freaked out! So, long story short, he is busted, she is freaked out and over the next few days calls me constantly begging me not to tell her hubby, that he would”kill her” and that he was an ex gang leader from New York….my response was…Oh Well…problem solved!She even has her adult daughter call me and ask me not to say anything to him. I never have and they are still married to this day.My hubby paid the price for his mistake and is still remorseful after all these years. I feel bad that her hubby has no idea what a tramp he is married to. It is my understanding after talking to her daughter that this was not the first and probably won’t be the last time she does this to him.Thanks for listening to my ramblings…I feel much better now. I still have some extreme hate for this woman and I hope she gets what is coming to her! || By the way, she is much older than I am and certainly nothing that hot to look at either.