DMI: Debt Mediation InitiativeI received a letter in the mail. I had debt at the time and explored what this company was about. I did not agree to anything and this company has continued to send me mail and has called threatening me saying I agreed to utilize their program. They are relentless in their claim that I agreed to utilize their services and will take me to court if I do not continue forward with their service. They wanted permission to charge my credit card for a monthly loan payment amount.They seemed to know some of my credit card information. This really scared me.In fine print on their notices it does say they obtained personal information from public sources but it is clearly an exploitation of these public sources.I hung up, shook up. I continue to get "final" notices in the mail. I have tried to cancel any further mailing, but they seem to continue. I am now going to try to cancel by utilizing the site.I do not recommend this company at all.Their information: DMI; 6400 Pinecrest Drive, Suite 400; Plano, TX 75024-2959800-437-4254