Complaint: This company has gone into my checking and withdrew $30.00 and I had no idea who are what they were. My bank has now charged me $148.00 in overdraft fees. I am totally disabled and I live on SSD I have to account for every cent I reveive. I spoke with their membershipcare people and they told me they cancelled my account and that they refunded my $30.00. They did no such thing. I asked for a person I could talk to about the overdrafts and they gave me a bogus email address. I never even heard of this company I know how they got my information. I stupidly applied for a payday loan through Money Mutual which is recomended by Montel Williams. They sell your information to anyone who wants it and since they have your bank information they feel free to charge your account whtever they want I did not sign up for this as a matter of fact when asked if I wanted debt consultation I said NO. This is the second company that has done this to me. I want them to be reported to every law enforcement agency – consumer protection and Attorney Generals.

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