Beware of Marcus Decamillo, owner of Decamillo Waterproofing in Ashtabula, Ohio! This individual accepted my payment for merchandise, deposited it into his bank account, then failed to send my order. When contacted, he lied, blaming it on the shipping company, and when proven to have been deceptive and fraudulent, stopped answering communications. nMy payment was sent directly by my bank, yet they can do nothing, as I authorized the payment, and the “intended merchant”” received and cashed the payment! I am now forced to undergo the extensive time and expense of civil action to recoup financial damages. nI gave this business man every chance to simply return my money without incurring additional financial obligation as a result of my lawsuit and collection expenses

and he simply does not return any communications

forcing me to conclude he willfully and purposely intended to defraud when he solicited and accepted my payment. nDon’t be his next victim! n(BBB (Cleveland) complaint #7565106) nAllienPhoenix


5918 West Ave. Ashtabula, Ohio U.S.A.