I ordered thought I was ordering a pair of Ugg boots. The web site did not have a contact telephone # or shipping cost but I realy wanted theser “Uggs”” so I took a stupid chance and placed my order. After further research and the lack of a timely responce from the company

I canceled the order. They emailed “”dear friend”” (me )back

saying the boots were authentic and had been shipped and that everyone would lose money if I canceled. Boots finally arrived and unfortunately were signed for

so the USPS will not ship them back without my incurring quite a large shipping fee. I have contatcted my credit card company to dispute the charges as these are not as represented and I fortunately have my emails that request the order be canceled. The emails from the company are very poorly written

thet must know not to respond until the item ships. The authentic sheepskin is authentic acrylic