My fiance and I purchased an engagement ring from Decor Interior and Jewelry the end of March. ( 4 months ago) This ring cost over $7500. I picked the the ring setting, then picked a cushion cut diamond to be set into the platinum ring. The diamond was 1.25 kwt and was a high quality diamond. I waited a few minutes while they set the diamond into the ring. nOn August 15th while while having coffee at a local coffee shop, I noticed the entire setting was no longer in my ring. I know the setting was in the ring in the morning and during this time I did not bump my hand or the setting in any way. nAfter retracing my steps I was unable to find the setting with the diamond. I then called Decor and they told me to come in. I came in and showed them the ring and they said ” Oh my! You lost the whole thing. You must have bumped it against something”” even though there were no marks on the band whatsoever. I asked them what they suggest that I do and they said I should just call my insurance company. My insurance company said that Decor should be responsible a ring of this value should last a lifetime. nI then visited 3 other fine jewelry stores and spoke with Benchmark Jewelers who all looked at the ring under a eye loupe and scope and all 3 said that it was soldered incorrectly and the setting should have never fallen out of the ring. They suggested I go back to the place of purchase and have it replaced because that is what they would do if I had purchased it there. nWhen I returned to Decor

they still refused responsibility and they spoke in a very condescending manner saying that it was my fault. I asked them to do the right thing and they firmly refused. One the comments made by Elton

a staff member was “” Life happens”” When I told them that all the other jewelers that I spoke to said that they would replace it

Elton said “” How would they stay in business if that were the case”” I asked for the owner and was told “” The owner is never available and rarely comes in”” I told them I was hoping not to take legal steps they said “”You’d never win”” . I am a person who only works in an office

not a construction job and I don’t even garden. I did not bump my hand in any way that day and I want to warn others that the workmanship and customer service is very poor and they will not guarantee their work or do what is right for the customer. This has been very emotionally and financially stressful for both my fiance and myself.”