I am a professional photo retoucher. I sometimes get really busy so I farm out the easy stuff to various places in India. the work not that great but i can fix and it saves me time.. they usually all charge no more than $3 an image. I used Deepetch formally Photoshopit for catalog sizing. One part of the job is to make thumbnails. this requires no skill and it can’t be done with actions in photoshop.i taught them how to do it. i can do 6 in 1 minute. I was paying 50 cents per image and they raised it to 75 cents. it’s very boring so I paid for about 300 of them and it was ok with me even though expensive, I didn’t make that for the job but it was a small part.. Suddenly, Deepetch decided without asking me, to put these in a category of ” stripping” background and using ” credits’ that the more than a dollar. you buy them… it does cheaper it gets if you spend $1000. !. It is more than a 1 to1.. they use this now instead of time and dollars. so they decided to charge me more and the calculated to a 500% mark up!. I was shocked beyond belief… it took them the same time, but the price increased. when I tried to ‘reason’ with my contact there, all i got was a stock stupid answers over and over. no amount of showing them it’s absurd did anything. they are con artists. the retouchers make about $10 a day working like slaves ..kaizen Camera is very nice and better. Don’t trust Deepetch. .

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