Sold me a lemon that broke down in less than a week. I told them I wanted my money back and I was told they would fix the car, which still is not done. I returned numerous times to have my money refunded. The last time my roommate was with me and I was told they would refund my money, now they are saying they didn’t say that. | I am disabled and cannot read. The contract was never read to nor explained to me. When I had the car towed to them to be “fixed” my paperwork was in the car. When I received the car back my paperwork was gone. The only thing they “fixed ” was the ABS Pump. The same day I got the car back (they had it approximately a week and a half) I went to drive it and it wouldn’t go over 25mph.


Name: Deering Auto Sales LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: New Port Richey

Address: 5934 U.S. Hwy 19

Phone: 727 849 4141