Bought model airplane,said 2-3 week delivery. After 2 weeks contacted them by their web site asking for a status update,no reply. Sent another few days later, no reply. I then called the number on the website, was disconnected. Tried another number that was on the website , got voicemail,left message,no reply. Have left 3 messages no reply. Found a facebook page left message attached to a picture that was there, Are you still in business. He said that he was filling orders then be going out of business. When asked about our order no answer, now the picture with our question has been deleted. We still don’t know what the status of the order is. We have no contact now. Will be contacting other avenues of trying to get our money buck. After few days and further investigation found a facebook page and tried to contact him. Asked if they were still in business, he answered by saying filling orders then going out of business. When asked about our order, no reply, our questions were deleted from facebook. Now we get no responses from him.THIS IS A START OF A BIG SCAM TAKING OUR MONEY NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS.



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