This store is owned by an elderly Asian couple who will use evecommitted.they get to rip off their customers. Everytime I go there I ask for a reciept after several friends and I learned that these store owners were stealing from their customers. I still catch these crooks trying to steal my money, they will over charge for items, or put fake charges on the receipt for items which you didn’t buy, they double triple and overcharge credit/debit cards, and to my disgust poor people are not safe as they will double and over charge foodstamp cards. They will try to short change you Everytime so you have to count your change, Everytime. This store needs to be put under an investigaowners am sure that they are scamming the government too, I know that they have falsified that the company has 10-20 employees although there are only the man and wife 90% of the time and then their son rarely, so 3 employees at the most. The owners are probably making at least half a million off stealing and ripping off their customers a year. They should be in jail and paying restitution to the communitry for the atroucities they have committed.

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