I was amazed at this half hearted attempt to satisfy a customer. i got a bad pineapple and called to tell them about it. She said thank you she would tell their quality control people. I said I’d like a refund so I can buy a new one. She said I’ll send yuou a coupon for $2.00 and I told her the pineapple was $4.98 so she said she’d send me two coupons. They must be having money problems as I got one $2.00 in the mail and a letter (probably cost more to type the letter) telling me that they could only include one coupon as they regretted they coujld not reimburse the full retail price as their sell price to the retailer is lower than their price to consumers. Amazing. So I now have enough to get half a pineapple. I definitely will l ook for another brand than DEL MONTE pineapples.

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