Complaint: I ordered online from Delaney’s BBQ in August of 2016. I followed up just a few months ago, over a year and a half since the original order asking if I could change my address since I had moved since placing the order. The email address was no longer in use, the email was still ignored after correcting the email address to the newly suggested address. I followed up again a few days ago, over 2 years after placing the order, and was again ignored. Beyond emailing, I’ve also had a friend attempt to get in touch by email. I’ve contacted the owner through Instagram. I’m out of options and all attempts to get any sort of information about the order are being ignored after over 2 years of waiting. They’re still taking orders for this product, meaning they’ve been accepting payments for this product for over 2 years without any indicatino that it’s real or that they have any intention on fulfilling orders. I want to believe that they’re still eventually going to come, but after having several emails and other forms of contact ignored I’ve lost faith.

Tags: Food, Food Vendors, Online Merchandise Order Scams, Purchase Never Delivered Fraud

Address: New York City, New York United States