Delinquent Recovery Services called and said I owed a debt. They had all my personal information. They knew several addresses, types of cars, and my social security number. They emailed me a settlement letter which did not have any contact information about them, no address, phone number, etc. They did have a logo and the name Revenue Management Group LLC. printed at the top of the letter. They threatened to put a lien on my vehicles and garnish my paycheck immediately. They were very aggressive in trying to get more information from me and would never tell who the original creditor was or give any information regarding their company. They offered me a file number for my claim which they included in their bogus letter and tried to get me to agree to settle or I would be immediately served with legal documents and dragged into court. Prior to receiving a call from them, I received an automated call telling me about the claim. The number was 702-906-0991. SCAM!!