I received an email from what I thought was from my college career builder website reaching out to me to see if I was interested in being a personal assistant, work from home 10-12 hours per week. I responded by email and said I was interested. She then asked me to send my resume, which I then provided via email. I didn’t hear anything for over a week and thought that I didn’t get "the position". Then I received an email saying that I was chosen for the position and the pay will be $250.00 weekly and that I will be receiving more information shortly. Then I received a second email from someone named Isabelle Lindsey explaining that she was starting up a logistics company and needs a personal assistant. She went on to provide the name of the company (Delivery Nerds LLC) company mission statement, vision statement and core values. She explained that her time is very limited and she prefers to communicate through TEXT or EMAIL. Her emails always started kind, but yet to the point. Said my basic duties would be to remind her of events and sort out tasks. Possibly create pitches and reports. She explained that she gives $2000. to an orphanage monthly, and that I would be sending the payments. But, she would never ask me to pay for something, until I first receive payment to cover it from her via a check sent with a tracking number. Isabelle sent me a task and I sent her back the assignment. I received a check for $2,150.00 a few days later. I then received a text a few minutes after I received the check via priority mail with tracking #, she told me that she received confirmation that the check was delivered and had I received it. I answered yes, she then told me to deposit it into my bank account. Luckily, my bank had just closed, I had told my parents that I just received my first check and it was much more than I expected. My parents warned me not to cash it, but I didn’t listen. Instead, I did a mobile deposit. Isabelle asked me to send her proof of the deposit. Which I did. She then gave me instructions to contact her as soon as the check cleared, and then wait for instructions on where to send the money to the orphanage.My parents freaked out when I told them that I deposited the check. Luckily they realized that I was being scammed. My mom emailed the bank that night explaining not to deposit the check. I went down to my bank the next morning when they opened and was able to stop the deposit. I was lucky, they explained to me that if I was to deposit it, I would have been liable for the $2,150.00. By law, the bank would have put the funds into my account within 48 hours, however once I sent the money to the "Orphanage", that money would not have been there to cover it.I was almost scammed! Again, if I hadn’t communicated with my parents, I would have been out $2,150.00 for sure. I honestly thought this was a legitimate start up company and that I would be meeting my new boss within the next few weeks for lunch to meet her in person. A few red flags were: I NEVER received a personal phone call/interview or anything. The emails were all in the same wording format, not "personable". Never asked me for any personal background, and never asked to employment information for tax purposes.