I have had nothing but problems with Dell I bought a computer from badcock which was a dell! First the sound started going bad I called them multiple time stayed on the phone for hours to get it fixed and they did not fix the problems next came the plug issue the plug was bent I opened to box it was damaged!! Next came the battery though I had chargedvitbthe computer wasn’t recongizing the power cord my list can go on and on all I can say is they need to give me anew computer or I will smear they’re name in the ground. | I demand a new computer and they refuse to send me one or even give badcock a authorization code I demand to speak with the president of the Dell computer this machine is a crappy one the Dell is a fuc*ing bi*ch they need to be held Accountable for making my Metal Health issues and for missing work on the count of not having a computer to work on they are a horrible company to deal with and I will tell every one that is buying a computer don’t buy

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