I received a telephone call from Martin Parker with Dell Premium Home support. He had an Indian accent and was a little hard to understand. His phone number was blocked on my caller ID but he told me his number is 818-660-1194 ex.0786. I was suspicious because I fell for a tech scam several years ago. He told me that Dell had sent my computer updates but they failed to get through to my computer. I was very hesitant but he knew a lot of information about me and my computer. He knew my name, e-mail address, the brand and model of my computer and even a seven digit number on the back of my computer. I found myself wary but starting to believe him. He instructed me to press and hold the " windows " key and the letter "r" key . Then when the search window opened he told me to type "iexplore(space) cbttr.com. He then asked me what came up on my screen. When I looked at the screen Norton Security had blocked me from the site and said it was not a safe site. (Thank you Norton) When I told this to the caller he said that I obviously didn’t trust him and that he couldn’t help me then he hung up. After the call I did a reverse telephone number look-up on the number he had given me. It came up as a telemarketer, there was also a complaint / warning about the number being a scam. Then I searched the website he tried to send me to and it was also reported it to be a scam. I saw a couple of recent Dell tech scams on this site that are similar to my story. I am glad that I didn’t lose any money or have my computer locked up. It is still worrisome that he knew so much information about me and my computer.