Delta has been my choice of airline carriers. I appreciate the low fares and crew expertise. Today I had an experience on the last leg of my flight that I would describe as horrendous. I landed in Detroit on flight 1226 to Tampa. The connecting flight was due to depart at 3:11. My arriving flight landed at gate 64 around 2:35. I had to rush like a maniac to gate 47 without time enough to have a cigarette or grab something to eat on the plane. I was forced to check my bag by the staff validating the boarding passes. When I got inside, there were at least 10 overhead storage compartments that had room for a bag. I let the stewardess know they had lied about running out of room. Supposedly, it came from the cabin that there was no more room for the bags.I was seated in 37E. There was an empty seat in between me and a man. He stated to another passenger, his seat was on the aisle in front of the last emergency exit. He told the passenger he could sit there. When we landed and all the passengers in front had gotten up to leave, he just sat in his seat. I asked him if he was going to get up because I wanted to get out. He started ranting and raving curse words loudly at me from the time I stood up all the way to the front of the plane until I got off. One stewardess at the very front interjected and asked me if I knew him. I replied I did not and added a few descriptives of what I thought he was! Maybe FATBOY will go out to the Delta FB site and read my posting. I forgot to wish him a Merry Christmas and hope he chokes on a turkey bone! I’d also like to wish Delta a Merry Christmas and hope it is as pleasant as my flight that SUCKED!!!!

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