Two weeks ago I booked a Comfort Class roundtrip from MPLS to RDU on Delta and had multiple issues, or should I say surprises. The first is that I thought I was book Delta, but it turned out to be Delta Connection, operated by Endeavor Air, a commuter airline. When booking the flight I paid an upgrade to their Comfort Class. On their website it states that Comfort Class offers: an u201cupgraded experience that includes more things to loveu201d. Nothing could be further from the truth as there was no benefit for the upgrade. If fact, it may have actually cost me. Consider that Comfort Class is supposed to offer: Seating, with Priority Boarding – up to 4u201d of extra legroom may be true, but this is what cost me dearly. You see, by boarding first, the end result was that when the other passengers boarded, with my seating assignment, I was repeatedly hit on the back of the head with suitcases, carry-ons, infants, purses, computers and anything else that could be carried on a plane. The extra legroom is hogwash as they use commuter planes which packs you in like a sardine. Dedicated Overhead Space u2013 totally incorrect. There was barely enough to fit my winter coat in the space. Had a carryon been involved, it would not have fit. Access to Sky Priorityu00ae boarding. True. The penalty for boarding early was addressed above. Add to that, on the return, the plane was late. This had passengers trying seat themselves and clamor for bin space. Additional amenities include:, complimentary beer, wine, and spirits on flight 250 miles or more and complimentary premium snacks on flights 900 miles or more. This is totally incorrect. I got a cookie and a half glass of soda. Nothing else was offered or mentioned. This amenity statement is just plain wrong. Little Extras – like a pillow, blanket, complimentary headset, also included as a benefit that is totally incorrect. We were never offered, nor did we know this was available. I did however, look for a blanket and was unable to locate one. No could a cabin attendant find one. Movies, TV & More u2013 another non-issue, as I found that this is available only on cross country. However, I would have expected it on a two-hour flight. Service u2013 no internet and bathroom out of order. Seating u2013 beyond cramped, yet extra cost for their Comfort Class. Bottom line is instead of a Delta flight, I was put on an old Endeavor Commuter that needed upgrading so bad, it was dirty, uncomfortable and lacking any amenities. I have written them, but with amount of complaints on the internet, they probably could care less. Totally unacceptable to me, but business as usual for them.

Atlanta, Georgia United States