I approached Deluxe Hire around Christmas time 2016. My wedding was for April 2017. I was quoted £308 including my deposit of £100 for cutlery, table accessories etc. I paid £200 via bank transfer and was told that the order is not reserved until the deposit was also paid even though I offered cash on collection. However, I paid it. 2 weeks before the wedding, numerous unanswered phone calls and limited emails I called off my wife’s phone. Taylor answered!! She was great on the phone, I had nothing to worry about, systems were down and she’d call my 9pm that night. The call never came. Again, my phone calls were ignored so I used a colleague’s phone and guess what….Taylor answered! I was told she has everything and I said I was worried as it’s 3 days before the wedding. Apparently the warehouse has moved to East London from Slough. I asked for the address to be text to me so I can pick it up. Taylor said she’d do it straight away. What I got straight away was an email saying they cannot do this order anymore as their systems were down! I then asked for a refund so I can get someone else straight away, but she’s having “cashflow issues”, which I didn’t understand as she’s hiring equipment out and doesn’t really have any fees…. It’s now 10 days from my wedding and still not even a reply. I have read a few of the reports about the company (albeit a little too late) and seen where Blessed confronts a man over religion, however, this lady has stole and lied to me. I really do not know what to do. She doesn’t have a company number, she’s not on Companies House. Yet she does try to claim how innocent she is and all the bad reports are because we’re all bad people and she’s done nothing wrong, usual sob story. After my treatment, I cannot help but believe Rogue Traders and all the negative reports about her company and her as a person. How she lives with being a crook I do not know. All I ask is for honesty and I am more than fair.


Name: Deluxe Hire

Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: London

Address: 1 Mayfair Pl, Mayfair

Phone: 44-333-800-0224

Website: www.deluxehire.co.uk/