I bought my very first new car, have always bought used, Conroe Texas Team Dodge sold me a 2013 Dodge Avenger, loved it, 2 days after I bought it I was called to tell me to bring it in to have the windows tinted, I thought they did it at the dealership but they had a woman pick it up while I waited, she brought the car back, I was called up front to the desk, handed my keys and I was going leave, I walked to where the car was placed, thought odd because the whole front end was shoved up into the bushes they had planted in the front of the business, I opened car door to check it windows, soap stains all over the back seats, the CD’s I had in a container on the back seat we’re strung out and all over, water stains on the doors inside ect . walked around the outside of the car, I was about to fall down, scratches where apparently they laid the tint on the back hood was all scratched up, car had some kind of green spots where I gues6yne soap they used all the car, then I had to literally push a huge bush so I could see the front, OMG, the front end was wrecked, and they tried to hide it from me. I could not believe it, the front bumper on drivers was cracked up, chipped paint, bumper was literary just hanging on, I walked inside and approached the front desk and I told them what I just saw, he was like you brought in in like that, oh no I did not, after calling the tint lady back she tried to deny it then I was like I’ll she you people she finally admitted wrecking it at her place of business, then demondtond told me they’ll take care of, I had to spend money on a rental car I had to use 5 days, they called me and told me car was done, I go up there and the front bumper paint didn’t match the car, front hood was not level, the passenger door was painted and paint didn’t match, headlights were messed up and not level. I was like are these people serious, I was told that’s the best they can do, I said that was unacceptable. | another young guy comes out came tells me they’ll fix it, another 5 days later, same thing…I was told it’s all I’m getting, oh boy, I went inside,ask for a district manager a gut came out listened to me and made a phone call, he comes back and tells me there done, I was told to leave, ok now I’m upset, apparently another manager heard what was happening he comes over, I told him everything, he was very nice to us, he said bring it back in the morning at 10 am.and he’ll take care of it himself. ok next morning we were there at 10 am. this time we’re approached in the parking lot as soon as we got out of the car, he was a tall loud rude man, he pointed his finger in my face and told me the car was fixed, they were satisfied and I was to leave or else we would be arrested for trespassing, OMG this was a nightmare, I went home called corporate. I was told to take it to Houston Dodge down town Houston, WE did that same week, when we got there he came out, we told him everything he laughed at me, he walked around the car, said he saw nothing wrong with it, I literally pointed it all out, he told us to quit bitching or else they’ll repo it and call it done and we’ll be charged with harassment and trespassing. | WE filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with the DMV in Austin Texas, WE were informed by the DMV that Demondtond did what was satisfied and that’s it. Done. I have contacted an attorney. I have paid over 27,000 dollars and still my car isn’t right, it eats tread on the drivers side tire, already went thru 5 tires and fixing to buy another. Car pulls when you take off and brake, don’t even get me on maintenance, forever warranty takes care of oil changes ECT. we’re treated like crap when we go in to have that done, their sloppy on purpose with our car, oil on the hood, on the motor, we complain a s it’s like we’re treated like.we stole their baby, threatened with arrest, with repo ECT. I have never ever been treated like this by any other company in my life. I don’t recommend anyone buying anything from Demondtrond Dodge in Conroe Texas, their liars, fraud. I’m not done yet, Dodge Demondtrond will repair this car or give me the Title, I tell everyone when they mention car and truck and RV shopping, avoid Dodge Demondtrond and save yourself from headaches and scams. I’m still talking to am attorney and Dodge Demondtrond will do something about this, no car dealership should do business like this and stay in business.

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