I subscribed to Den Boom Band based on their assurances of a new cable technology and high speed internet at low speeds. Please don’t fall for the trap. | For almost half the month the internet connection will be dead. when you call up the customer care they’ll tell that some repair work is going on in your area. Don’t know how long the repair work is going to continue but since we are paying in advance, they are taking us for a ride. They always make you fool, we will solve your problem within 24 hours but they do not come at you door within a week. His technical team is totally illiterate they do not know how to respond to his customer. | Note:- Do Not Take Services From DEN BOOMBAND.


Name: Den Boomband

Country: India

State: Delhi

City: New Delhi


Phone: 0120 – 617 – 5000

Website: www.denboomband.com/