I knew it was going on, the calls he would receive all the time. He would hide his phone from me and he was texting all the time, he even thought he could change his Facebook password. I brought to his attention many times that I was concerned and like a child he lied over and over again! I found messages on his Facebook from her, took pics with my cell and sent them to him, what a rush I was feeling that I sent him the proof, from August 2013, just in case he had forgotten, haha! || So as things begin to unravel in my little happy home, I am told she has done this before and has earned the name whore by her teenage son and that her husband is divorcing her! No surprise really! I have heard about them having sex conversations over the cell countless times, yes she knew he was married! They would meet in parking lots halfway from my home in Ohio to hers in PA! Parking lot sex is for whores. Now my 4 year old will not get to snuggle with her daddy at bedtime all because a whore invaded her little world and because I chose not to be married to a coward! And he would come back every time, every day he would say he loves me and our children, he loves our family. I have 4 children from another marriage! I can’t imagine what he was thinking love is? Nine months of knowing about her and being lied to until I sent his proof from her. Interesting that the last time they met was in a McDonald’s parking lot in PA. There are children everywhere as it was for lunch, like I would believe that! || This woman will sleep with married men and does not care if your children get hurt in the process which leads me to think she isn’t a very good mother and she is an attention whore only thinking of herself and selfish needs!