Denise Thanks for not responding to my messages. I told you I was gonna blast you on here if you didn’t respond. I’m one to keep my word. So here it goes… || I found my husbands name on a dating site. I thought it was an old one to my surprise it was recent. I was shocked so I got on his Facebook and tried numerous times before I figured out the password. There were messages between the two, sex was the topic. Apparently this c**t likes married men. She admitted to having affairs. I don’t know if it was physical between my husband and her, but regardless an affair is an affair. I asked around come to find out almost everyone said she was damaged goods. She gets around. I have contacted a lawyer too bad my seven month old son won’t have a full time dad. Once the trust is gone there’s no point in trying to work it out. So ladies beware she has no problem seeing married men.