Complaint: We purchased a Cocker Spaniel puppy from Denise Preziosi (Prez’s Cockers) in July 2011. The dog’s date of birth was in May 2011. We noticed our dog had an under bite (a congenital defect which has gotten significantly worse, since) during pick up (July 9th, 2011), but we did not point it out to Denise then, although we should have. On February 22, 2012, our dog from Denise developed a “Cherry Eye””. This is a congenital defect where the 3rd eyelid detaches from the eye muscle. Under Florida Law this was HER responsibility to rectify the situation with us (and probably her under bite

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Website: a licensed veterinarian of the consumer’s choosing certifies that

Phone: but we did not request a Veterinary letter from our Veterinarian in regards to the under bite). Here is the link to the Florida Pet Law: I quote: State of Florida / 828.29 “” (5) If