The scammer paved my driveway promising 2 to 3 inch thickness and a 2 year warranty. After payment, I discovered grass growing through the new pavement that was 1/2 to 1 inch thick. The driveway is now coming apart where grass is growing. He had also promised to come back and straighten the sides. He never came back and phone calls and messages are being ignored. I placed a notice in the local paper warning potential customers of this scam and received calls from people with similar complaints. One person had even prepaid for work that was not done. These people would be willing to give statements. Everyone feels that bringing him to court would only result in a worthless judgement. This person is mainly operating in Wise, Montague, Tarrant and Cooke Counties. Check stub copy identifies him as Dennis Ray Collins with Texas State Drivers Licence Number TX CDL 04253043 DOB 3/29/65. One person that contacted me has photo of his truck with the State DOT number. Most people taken advantage of are over 60 (I will be 65 in June).