I am a 75 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran on a fixed income. | I have a illness called Multi-Chemical-Sensitivity which severely limits my tolerance to toxic environmental factors such as in air, food, water and contact objects. | In 2010 and 2011 I shopped around for a dentist to do a root canal without the usual out gassing material used to fill the nerve extraction holes in the tooth. I settled on Dentistry By Design because they said they were doing privatized dental care for the Veteran Administration. A short time after the root canal the tooth had to be extracted. So Partial dentures became the best viable option as I was missing most of my chewing teeth. | I shopped for chemically quiet dentures and Dentistry By Design offered to sell me a set of out-gas free Valplast dentures for $3,800. And guaranteed their work and product. By the third day after wearing the dentures for 2 hours I was drooling from the mouth and was having trouble breathing. I called the dentist and explained the problem. I was told the dentures were not the problem. The lab had no chemically quiet adhesive to hold the attached teeth to the dental plate. But, they would find a solution and call me. | They never ever called. I would periodically call them to be told to be patient. Eventually and having no chewing teeth, I came across the name of a dentist in Norman that thrived on hard to fix dental issues whom had a solution for my required odor free dentures problem within 15 minutes after we first spoke. The cost, $2,800.I borrowed more money to pay him. It was an excellent investment! As far as I am concern, he’s a magician. | Just past the 3 year mark, on my last call to Dentistry By Design, I was told they had no solution! I sent them a certified letter requesting 1/2 my $3,800 back and never heard from them. | Recently, I lodged a complaint with the BBB whom receive a reply from Dentistry By Design stating they never knew I had a problem until the certified letter 3 years after I purchase the dentures.. But they are willing to refund $1,000. I declined and requested ½ my cost. My intolerance to the glue was no surprise or shouldn’t have been a surprise to Dentistry By Design because I gave them the lab results from a sensitivity test I had a few years ago. They were fully aware of the issue. | I have been scammed out of money on the promise of satisfaction.


Name: DentistryByDesignMwc.com

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: Midwest

Address: 7215 E. Reno Ave

Phone: (405) 737-5905

Website: www.dentistrybydesignmwc.com/