Complaint: We brought one of these people puppies when I got it home I had it take it to the vet the puppy had parvo so we had to put it down. We call this kid about 10 time a day he will not pick up his phone. This kid told me he will never give me my money back. This kid is back yard breed. Bull s**t breeder. This kid sold me sick puppy with un Reg with any Kennel club. Watch out for this evil dude. Also the vet told us the puppy had Heart worries and other health problems. Please never buy a dog or puppy from person that is back yard breed and also is not license to do business in his state. We call up St. Louis Secretary of State they are going to look at these people. We going to tell the world about this idiot. He call threaten My wife and my kids also.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Nationwide United States of America