Complaint: This company has been calling my job at a bank for a few months now. We have reported them to our Fraud Department and they stopped but now they are starting to call again. I have advised them to stop calling my place of employment on numerous occassions. They say that there is a suit against me and we can solve this over the phone or in court. I have advised them to send me the subpeona or whatever they need to send me by mail that I am not willing to discuss any information over the phone. The refuse to do so stating that they need to know when I am going to be at home before they send anything to me via mail. Which makes no sense whatsoever. They have even tried to contact the representatives that answered the phone a few times when they have called in the past saying that that person now has a suit against them they never can tell who filed the suit or where they are located. The did however leave a phone number this time the number is 541-702-4031 and the name Brenda Jones.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: unsure san antonio, Texas United States of America

Website: www.departmentofcrime/