Their ways and behaviors are absolutely disgusting and no one should have to deal with a one of them yet they give fake names and stalk and harass you threateningly from blocked numbers. (Garcia) I would not at all use any one of them for any type of service and yet they keep on involving themselves in my EBT food stamp allotment without my permission. A year ago when I arrived and asked legitimate questions on simply who is the case worker that is supposed to be working with me, and why wouldn’t I be receiving the correct treatment or services, they flaunted high and mighty power of getting a police officer to make me exit the building saying “no more” I went above their heads and had my card issued while they would withdraw and deny my applications submitted online as if the week worth of food while homeless wasn’t necessary for me to have without income | Now all of a sudden i’m receiving paperwork with a case managers name on it a whole year later, coldest winter ever. The games they are still playing or why is beyond me. I do not at all need them. Now that its time to recertify I submitted my online app once again and documentations as proofs of identity. In checking on its status it was stated online that I withdrew my own application the same way that last years states that I was denied although I wasn’t. I most certainly did know that it was time to recertify online without DSS ever stalking, harassing bothering me in anyway. The EBT card clearly tells me the months and dates of the benefits that I am going to retrieve and I knew so that their was no reason at all for DSS whom I hadn’t even given my mailing address to, to be sending me any mail, or interfering with my app, or calling my line after submitting yet another application days later, since the 1st one says that I withdrew from having had filled out the application. Seems to me the moves are slimy, conniving, devious, inconsiderate and of crooks causing me pain and suffering. They don’t know how to treat anyone decently. This is a lawsuit. The one job that they should’ve done was to get my payments processed onto my card that they should’ve printed with a photo and signature panel but they did not do this at all. By now, although it took a year, I managed to make my own photo ID leading up to having all of what is needed for DMV to have my state ID and the funds for that should already have been in my account. My account with the card that should’ve had the photo that they took of me and a signature panel. Since people such as these are in these places, to not have consideration, heart, drive for doing right by the individual who’s been denied and deprived their monies, its been 16 very homeless, not getting anywhere years because they think they are supposed to crack whips and make slaves getting free work out of people who are entitled to way more then they thieving selves are willing to give when in the position to.

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