Unauthorized charge on credit card


My Complaint: I gave my credit card number so I could be charged the shipping fee. I talked to a lady who calls herself Dominica. She assured me the company wanted to deduct shipping charges. My card was lost/stolen prior to the shipping transaction going through so I gave them my new number. The reason I called was because I had received a second shipment and I wanted to report it to the company. I called today to inquire about the charge of $99.98 to my card. The customer service representative said the trial period was 15 days and not 30 days and that I couldn’t get my money back. Dominica told me I had not exceeded the trial period and assured me no charges would be made to my credit card. The customer service representative said if I disputed the charge they would tell the credit card company I fail to meet trial offer requirements.


My Demand: I request the charges on my credit card be reversed. The customer service representative said there was nothing I could do to get my money.