Skin Product offered as “risk-free”


My Complaint: I am writing to report a scam of Dermaperfect. I ordered a ?risk-free? trial and apparently I was supposed to have returned the product the minute I received it. I ordered it on 12/25 and with the Christmas mail it was several days in the mail. (I cannot remember the exact date but I believe it was 9 days.) On January 21 I received my credit card statement and had been charged $99.98. I called immediately and told that I had missed the date to return the product if I did not want it. I explained the impossibility to try the product before deciding to purchase it and was told I would be charged because I had missed the return date. This is a scam. The conditions are impossible to meet…particularly in Hawaii where the mail is slow. I want my money back and I want the false ?risk-free? message removed before other seniors are scammed.


My Demand: Money back