Worst experience ever!!! I have worked in health care for many years (I am a RN specializing in acute care medicine) and this is the worst doctor I have ever met. He was rude, dismissive and downright verbally abusive. As soon as I, as her daughter wanting to help, said anything about her symptoms (severe skin rash that her primary care doctor referred her to a dermatologist for) he lost it. He Stood up and was literally YELLING over us. I said “please stop, you don’t have to be so confrontational. said my mom is sick and we are here for help!” He said you” are questioning me! I am the doctor!” I said “I know, I’m just trying to describe my mom’s symptoms and how sick she is.” He said “you don’t know anything! You can go elsewhere if you think you have an opinion!” I am reporting him to the medical board for his care. He was unwilling to take the time to hear us explain her symptoms, accused her of causing the rash herself (ludicrous) and became verbally abusive when we asked him to please listen to us calmly. I am so terribly upset that a doctor like this is practicing! Stay far far away from this man!