Complaint: This place is very shaddy. I trusted them at first and thought what they were doing was a christmas miracle. My husband is an addict and need treatment. We called up addiction centers and they got us connected to Desert Hope. They paid for the two plane flights to get there from Virginia. They also said insurance covered rehab except for 500 dollars. i told her i didnt have the money but that he needs to go as soon as possible. So with that said she waived the 500 dollars so theroredically he is going through treatment for free. He checked in to Hopes yesterday and they did not even let him give me a call when he got there. he had to sneak around and was able to find one 6 hours after he got there to call me. With that said he has never been on a plane before nor has he even been out of the state. so for them to not let him call me i was worried sick. When he got the phone he talked to me for 4 mins before someone disconected it from us so i was unable to ask him anything or reassure that he is alright. i have called up there a thousand times since and nobody will let me speak with him or let me know anything. its like nobody cares nor do they want to get off there a*s and help me. im scared now because of everything i have read about this place now that what is going to happen to him and when ge gets out what are they going to try to charge us. i understand the hippa law and detox but atleast let then talk to there family to make sure everything is alright. and when he did talk to me for all of 4 mins he sounded very unsure of everything. so im at a lost now this is rediculous. all anyone can say is oh well we will leave a message of ok i will email them. Thanks a bunch desert hope. Untrustable!!

Tags: City Employees

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