I have been dating this man for 5 years and I’m no hurry to get married because I was married to very abusive man I’m the past. Anyways this man and I had 2 children together and at the time I found out about the affair our youngest was only 4 months old. I just had a feeling that I never had before and I confronted him about it and he denied it even called me crazy. A few weeks go by and I realized he deleted our relationship on Facebook. I know that sounds so juvenile but I knew the truth at this point. He started hanging out with his”friends” all the time and even stayed out until the next morning on several occasions. I knew he was cheating but I was determined to make this relationship work. I have 3 other children from my previous marriage and I couldn’t see myself starting over with five children on my own. || In March 2012 he called me to tell me that it was over and he left for 3 months. During those 3 months she posted pictures of the 2 of them on Facebook and even announced their relationship on Facebook. In June I think he had enough of the partying (she is 22, he is 32) and asked if he could come home and work on our relationship. I agreed, but he kept cheating with her. In August I found out I was pregnant again and the best part of this story, she was pregnant too! We were only 5 days apart in our pregnancies. In September I lost my child and he swore to me that the other woman was not caring his child and he promised to do everything in his power to make our relationship work. We went to counseling and slowly but surely or lives were getting back to normal. I knew that this girl was out of our lives for good. He blocked her from calling, texting, and even Facebook. He added our relationship on Facebook and even gave me the password to everything. Oh but the story gets better! || On April 2 2013 the other whore had a little boy. I saw pictures online and immediately knew this was his child. On April 7th he received a call from Licking County children services informing him that Desiree told them he was the father and they were taking custody because the baby was born addicted to heroin and they were transporting him to Children’s Hospital to detox. This baby was in the hospital for 8 weeks detoxing from heroin. During this time, dna tests confirmed that he is the father and now we are in the process of trying to get custody of this beautiful little boy that has not asked for any of this nor does he deserve any of this. The best part is that this girl who couldn’t stay off drugs long enough for this baby who is only four months old is 6 weeks pregnant, thank God not with my man’s baby. There’s so much more to tell but I wanted the world to know about this drug addicted whore! Did I mention she is a real life hooker?