Let me start of this post by saying this girl is following in her mother’s footsteps. I’m not one to say you’re stupid without a college degree but this girl dropped out of high school her sophomore year and has not pursued any jobs or education since, 4-5 years ago. She’s 19, she uses men for their money and throws pitty parties with her friends until she uses them up, her only goal in life is to get pregnant and be a stay at home mom, and she’s a low life bitch. If you ever think of sleeping with this trash, wear a condom. She is known for carrying STDs and doing nothing to rid herself of them as well as accusing every guy she’s ever slept with of getting her pregnant. If you ever run into her, I highly suggest turning her away. She will throw pitty parties to reel you in but she’s not looking for help, she’s looking to bleed you dry of everything you have. Keep your eyes on your husbands/boyfriends/brothers/fathers, she uses whoever gives her that attention. As soon as you try and help her you’ll be accused of getting her pregnant and bled dry for her cocaine addiction. BEWARE.