So me and my husband have been together for almost 9 years, we have 4 kids together 8, 6, 2, and 1 month. My husband recently started a new job and he goes out of town frequently. I never had a problem with him going, as he would call and text me numerous times a day to tell me how much he missed me and the kids, and how he wished he was home with us instead of being 3 or more hours away, until he went to Alliance, Ohio. He had been going there for a few weeks and had started being really short with me on the phone. Stopped texting and calling like he had been doing everywhere else he had been. He was talking to me on the phone one night and I could hear him texting someone, so I asked who he was texting and he denied texting anyone. He came home that Friday and wasn’t acting like himself. Well he decided to drink a few beers and call it a night, and went to sleep. I was woke up by a text message at 3 in the morning by this girl saying that she wanted pics and things of that nature. I woke him up asking who this girl was and he said this girl worked at one of the gas stations that he had stopped at and tried taking his phone, but that didn’t work. I texted this girl and told her he was married had 4 kids and everything and she said she didn’t know he was married and that she would stop talking to him. I thought that was the end of it. || The next week he went back there to finish up the job he was on and came home on Friday, took a shower and was hanging out with me and my bestie when a text came through on his phone. I took the phone and it was her, asking why he wouldn’t talk to her and all that. So I called her and told her how it was and she didn’t like it. Now after changing his number and everything she is now harassing my phone and sending messages to me thinking I don’t know who it is. So to anyone traveling to Alliance, Ohio please be aware there is a girl working at, I believe, a Marathon giving her phone number out to men that come into her store. She obviously doesn’t care if they are married and have kids, and doesn’t care about breaking families up or she would have left my man alone after I told her the first time he was married and had 4 kids!