This company took my money! I ordered a couple of pen tips for my wood burner back in November of 2014. I needed them in order to finish some Christmas gifts I was working on. I went online to Detail Master Wood Burning systems and placed my order. Two weeks went by and I never received my product. After a month, I called and left messages, 5 different messages. No return calls. I sent emails, no return emails and I even sent faxes and still no return calls or emails and no product. I made several more calls, nobody would ever answer, all I could do was leave a message. But the money was withdrawn from my account!! Now when I call their number it has been disconnected! However, you can still place an order online! Do Not Place Any Order With This Company! I have never had this happen to me before and it makes me sick! This company still has a website online where you can place orders but the phone number is disconnected! I wonder if there are any others out there that this has happened to.

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