Complaint: Devon Samuel is a child his company ges transport us dot 1734887 MC 1734887 is a ripoff. If you hire them to do a job your car will be late and dirty and he is full of excuses. If you use them to place an order and change your mind they will not return your property. His drivers license was suspended and he crys about how he needs to make 10k a month for his family. He screws people over after you give him your business. Buyer beware he treats you like gold until you cancel your order try it out for yourself. Bad driver license was not good for months. Check it out online for yourself would you hire a truck driver that had his licensce suspended. Hey Devon you ask for it here it comes buddy. You should have return my property sir. Hey it’s not slander if its true. All this information is public record do your research on devon. Oh yeah the I.R.S. needs there money to. if he has screwed you over you can file a report with fort bend county sheriffs department texas dps dot texas dot federal motor carriers association texas attorney general and the usdot. My new job in life is to shut down tthis horrible company. I have filed complaints on Devonn Samuel with all the above agencies. His number is 281-451-7222 call him for a dirty late delivery you will get it every time and your property taken. 3906 east teal estates circle Fresno Texas he hides out in the sticks.

Tags: Auto Shipping Companies

Address: 3906 east teal estates circle Fresno Texas Nationwide USA


Phone: 281-451-7222